Frontier Concept Interior Design was form on May 2002 by owner Song Kim Kok.
Song has been in the industry dealing with office commercial renovation since 1993.

Frontier Concept's core business is Interior Design and Renovation. The main strength of the company are carpentry / joinery work. With our own factory skilled workers, we find this scope of work to be most interesting challenging.

In order to stay ahead of others, we have a strong team of contractors handling eletrical, plumbing, metal work, hacking, ceiling, partition work and more... Through well established cooperation, we are able to provide quality work with competitive price. Over years of experience, we learnt how to manage projects between clients and contractors with transparency communication. We formulated a logical sequence of work arrangement. This system allow us to be in better control of time and work force producing quality results on time everytime.

Feel free to approach us regarding your needs. Our friendly staffs are happy to discuss with no obligation.
Afterall, we believe that our clients are also our friends!